AaNeel RxConnect

AaNeel Connect helps you with managing your medication. Now you can set the time and frequency for taking your medication, and refill your prescription at anytime from any location. With AaNeel Connect, you won’t forget to take a single dosage, and can set as many reminders as you wish in accordance with your medical needs.

AaNeel Connect is a reminder, alerts, and notification system for the patient as well as the care givers. The message is conveyed through email, SMS or phone call reminders that help care giver as well as patient to collaborate more effectively. Some of the functions include Utilization alerts on ER visits, admissions, Upcoming appointment with the PCP, Quality Indicators on HEDIS, Star rating related care gaps, Rx reminders, Immunization/ Vaccination alerts, Patient follow ups etc. AaNeel connect helps the patients to have an upper hand over their health related activities.

AaNeel Connect helps you in taking your medications on time and frequency set by you. It also enables you in refilling your prescriptions from the location you are in so that you don’t miss taking your pills. In short, it helps in Medication management where you can set any number of reminders for any number of medications according to your needs.