AaNeel Health Access Card®

The AaNeel Health Access Card® is a revolutionary step forward in acquiring vital patient information securely and effectively. With the AaNeel Health Access Card®, a patient’s information can be accessed instantly without the hassles of procedural, time-consuming questions.

In AaNeel Health Access Card®, the patient information is stored and is transmitted to a reader which identifies the information. When the patient taps his card, the receptionist is directed to the patient screen that displays the required information.

AaNeel Health Access Card® can be used by the hospital and by the patients themselves, where they can access their personal information and other information. AaNeel Health Access Card® is extremely secure that it cannot be misused by anyone else.
The AaNeel Health Access Card® has readable basic information like blood group, age, primary doctor’s phone number and information which anyone can access during emergency situation with the required authorization.

It enables the patient to access the patient portal which they can use for getting information like their reports, next schedule, medications, etc.

For inpatients, the doctor carries a portable device with inbuilt scanner. While visiting the patient, he simply scans the patients AaNeel Health Access Card® to not only get all the information but it takes the doctor directly to the patient SOAP Notes and also all the lab reports and all 9 yards of goodness. AaNeel Health Access Card® is not only used by the Patient but also used by healthcare professionals.

For elderly or needy patients, AaNeel Health Access Card® also comes with figure rings where all they have to do if scan their hand. This ensures correct selection of patient without asking a single question to the patient where the patient sometimes might not be in a position to speak.

The goodness of One ID has multiple uses like accessing patient information with ease and security.
AaNeel Health Access Card® is the bridge that connects the patient and the doctor in a very seamless manner, it also empowers the patient to take their health in their hands and be responsible via direct access to their health information and be intelligently informed via the patient application. For more information visit website at http://www.healthaccesscard.com/