Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring

DocsConnect’s Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) allows medical providers to remotely monitor their patients. Our RPM has the following features:

Remote Patient

Check you patients in the comfort of their homes and keep them healthy remotely by monitoring vital signs and their overall condition.

Support for
200+ Devices

We integrate with over 200+ medical devices covering 10 key vital signs. This support allows you to expand your telemedicine program without having to buy new equipment, saving you money.

Reduce Patient

Remotely monitoring improves your ability to know whether a patient should be readmitted to a healthcare facility, thus reducing unnecessary readmissions and saving healthcare system costs.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Manage patients’ medical information through a single, comprehensive dashboard. Customize patient data and integrate their EMR, and run analytics tools to report and assess data.

Simple Patient Interface

We built our RPM system to be easy to use and understand so patients are not overwhelmed. Patients have straight-forward access to medical history and assessments as well as customizable reminders and information tools.

Turnkey Solutions

Using DocsConnect’s Turnkey Solution Service, we can immediately offer:

  • Pre-configured devices ready for use
  • Easy to use touch screen controls
  • Durable cases for safety and transport
  • Completely un-tethered solutions