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DocsConnect, with our collaborative partners CareClix, AIMIS, and Aaneel, has the world’s best telemedicine platform and physicians available at your fingertips.

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Cloud Based High Definition Online Medical Suite

Our real-time platform enables healthcare professionals to asses a patient over the Internet through a high-definition video interface. In only a few clicks, the patient connects with a healthcare professional using a variety of devices – smart phone, tablet or computer – in only a few clicks.


Privacy and Security is at the core of what we do. Unlike most telemedicine solution providers HIPAA/HITECH compliance is included with all of our packages and never sold as a tacked-on fee.

Packed With Features

Our platform is loaded with features that will simplify and improve your telemedicine experience

EHR Integration

Integration with top Electronic Health Records – gives you secure and immediate access to patient information in real-time


Prescribers can electronically send a new prescription or a renewal authorization to a pharmacy

Virtual Waiting Room

Give your patients the experience of being in a doctor’s office with the convenience of seeing a physician remotely, at virtually any time

Claims Tracking

File and track your claims 24/7 online with our platform


Both physicians and patients can schedule their telemedicine visits online and update them at any time

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Save time by using our platform to verify patients insurance eligibility and policy coverage

Technology Solutions For Changing Needs

Expand access to care and improve clinical workflows with the help of DocsConnect’s healthcare technology. Our powerful and comprehensive solutions deliver patients around the world a better healthcare experience – time-saving access to healthcare professionals at their convenience and at a lower cost – while expanding opportunities and improving financial performance for healthcare businesses.