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Have you been told you need surgery? Did you know that 42% off all surgeries are not necessary? Please click the link to find out more about our world-renowned surgeons who will give you their EXPERT SECOND OPINION that possibly might save you from surgery, complications, and unnecessary expense.

Expert Second Opinions

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DocsConnect provides patients with rapid access to health care professionals worldwide using our comprehensive, user-friendly applications. With this revolutionary technology, patients can now easily get premium health care, including prescriptions sent to the pharmacy of your choice if appropriate.

We offer:

24/7 Virtual Primary Care Physician Visits
Expert Second Opinions
Portable, Convenient Medical Record Access
Infection Diagnostics Testing
Collaboration with your physicians
Disease Management Education
Multi-Lingual physicians

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We provide the necessary support to ensure you get high-quality care from our team. Care Coordinators are available to manage the doctor/patient relationship, such as to facilitate a consultation, update the patient’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) or follow up with a patient after a visit with the medical care provider.