DocsConnect offers industry-leading hardware and software, but we’re more than that. Our platform offers a best in class tool that helps government agencies improve quality of care, reduce costs, and expand patient reach. Here are our key differentiators that set us apart from the other players in the marketplace.

A Telemedicine Standard

DocsConnect is made up of a platform that follows the American Telemdicine Association’s (ATA) standards. We do not compromise on quality or integrity.

Network of Physicians

DocsConnect doesn’t just provide telemedicine products. We also provide patients with the ability to see physicians on demand.

Integrate Your Solutions

We work with your existing system, software, and equipment in order to integrate and cater towards each and every one of your specific needs.

Capabilities at Work

DocsConnect uses the many features of its advanced and powerful telemedicine platform to solve the challenges that large government organizations face today. Let us tailor a program that meets your needs.

Establish a
Virtual Clinic

Providing quality care is difficult when more patients want medical care and only so many doctors and hospital beds are available. DocsConnect helps to alleviate that stress on your hospital system through a virtual clinic.

Enable Remote
Patient Monitoring

Many patients require post-operative or post-visit care and monitoring. Until now, that required in-person follow-up visits, but DocsConnect’s solution provides a new, alternative remote monitoring capability for efficient and effective patient monitoring.


When patients have various ailments, only certain doctors can treat them. Managing those logistics can be difficult which is why DocsConnect mobilizes your physicians and caregivers to best treat your patients.