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DocsConnect for Organizations & Businesses

When You choose DocsConnect, you choose the world’s best collaborating group that goes beyond standard telemedicine. DocsConnect data and analytics will inform you how our technology solutions save healthcare dollars for business and organizations. Call now and ask us how we can help you increase revenue and patient satisfaction.

Health Systems

Upgrade your Health Systems with our platform. With DocsConnect’s help, improve the efficiency and quality of healthcare services.

Health Plans

Implementing telemedicine in your health plan attracts new customers and enhances your customers’ existing healthcare benefits.


Expand your employees’ access to quality care with our telemedicine platform. We create customized telemedicine programs so employers can save time and money while improving the quality of life of their employees.


Our automated processes and reliable services allow you to serve more patients and to integrate our key features into your telemedicine program.


Save time while providing premium services to patients around the world. Our telemedicine platform will help improve your healthcare services and expand your group practice.


Improve the quality and reach of healthcare with DocsConnect. Using our platform, your government agency can provide convenient, effective, and efficient healthcare services to your patients.


With DocsConnect, you’ll be able to offer proven telemedicine solutions customized for your client. We will provide all the assistance you need, from sales and marketing materials to technical support.

Correctional Care

Improve the quality of care in your Correctional Facilities and Prisons, all while saving costs and increasing efficiency.

DocsConnect Overview

With the help of DocsConnect’s Platform and Services, your business can implement a robust telemedicine program. Click below to learn more about what we offer.


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Driving Telemedicine Utilization

Maximizing the Value of Telemedicine

Send Patients educational emails monthly based on their disease
Educate patients on telemedicine and how to utilize it
Call high risk patients on a monthly basis to keep track of condition
Monitor patients with chronic illnesses using advanced technology
Reduce overall healthcare costs by more than our competitors
Provide patients with quality & optimal care with proven results

Docsconnect supplies Data & Analytics to all organizations and businesses.
Sign Up today and watch how we greatly reduce your cost. If Docsconnect does not reduce your cost within 4 months, Docsconnect will pay you part of your money back.
(Based on having staff get expert 2nd opinion before having surgery)