Docsonnect makes it easy for people to get access to psychiatric, behavioral and mental health care through convenient, online video calls. DocsConnect works with organizations such as self- insured companies, insurance plans, employee assistance programs, etc. DocsConnect customizes each program for every client. DocsConnect has the largest network of psychiatrists in the nation. DocsConnect brings life-changing behavioral care directly people’s home or any place an organization needs it to be set up.

Customized Programs:

By offering a behavioral health program, written by world-renowned psychiatrist, DocsConnect’s has a unique and highly sophisticated solution for behavioral health patients/member. We make sure to collaborate with the providers that our patients/members see on a regular basis. DocsConnect behavioral health program offers intelligence through technology. DocsConnect behavioral health program created by top psychiatrists, track and trend patients/members based on sophisticated algorithms. Member/patient engagement is vital to ensure high utilization, DocsConnect reaches out to all patient/members using technology that is easy and rewarding. DocsConnect recognizes the shortage of psychiatrist globally. DocsConnect provides the intelligence within our technology that makes it easy for primary care physicians to diagnose and properly treat behavioral health patients. Our easy to use platform increases utilization, with an emphasis on member/patient engagement. Platform is proactive by engaging the patient/member using sophisticated algorithms. DocsConnect’s proactive program reduces patients/members inpatient and out patient medical visits. DocsConnect focuses on the total well being of all our patients/members.

DocsConnect For Providers

DocsConnect works with all types of behavioral healthcare providers to deliver a range of psychiatric, behavioral and mental health care services to consumers online, anytime, anywhere. Both DocsConnect providers and consumers access sessions and other services through a HIPAA-compliant online system. Access can be through a phone call as well.

DocsConnect For Organizations

DocsConnect works with organizations to provide a range of services and support that streamline and expedite care, resulting in better clinical, financial and operational outcomes.

DocsConnect is available for all your consulting needs. DocsConnect will analyze what your organizations needs are and come up with the solution that best fits for you.