Our program provides flexible and powerful solutions for you, whether you are a company or individual, by improving the quality and efficiency of healthcare, all while expanding your reach and saving you money. Learn more about our solutions below.


DocsConnect provides a leading telemedicine platform to patients and businesses from all over. We allow patients to review quality healthcare anywhere, at any time.

Who is DocsConnect?

DocsConnect is the only telemedicine company providing a unique collection of exclusive healthcare services for our members that include and go beyond traditional Primary Care Consultations.We work together with your healthcare providers to lower health care costs and improve patient outcomes with convenient and unique healthcare options.DocsConnect utilizes an engagement platform for employees, patients and retail customers. DocsConnect gives a money back guarantee if utilization for a client/organization does not increase by at least 10% within the first 90 days.

Employee Assistance Engagement Platform
Patient Engagement Platform
Retail Customer Engagement Platform
Behavioral Health Program Developed By World-Renowned Psychiatrist
Access To Over 100,000 Behavioral Health Counselors 24/7
Analytical Reports And Data Collection
Medical Second Opinions From World-Renowned Physicians
24/7 Virtual Primary Care Visits With A Doctor Of Your Choice
Specialty Physician Visits
Provide Expert Consultations

Who We Serve

Organizations and Businesses

DocsConnect offers global expertise for:

  • Self Insured Organizations and Businesses
  • Retail companies for their customers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Primary Care & Specialty Physicians
  • Managed Service Organizations
  • Managed Care Organizations
  • Accountable Care Organizations
  • Universities & Schools
  • Trauma Centers
  • Substance Abuse Treatment Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Community Mental Health Centers
  • Skilled nursing Facilities
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Primary Care Centers
  • Patients at Home
  • Traveling Patients

Our unique services help you to substantially reduce healthcare costs by providing optimal care to all members. DocsConnect’s engagement platform assures high utilization. DocsConnect focus is on behavioral health. DocsConnect is a companydesigned to be proactive instead of reactive.

Docsconnect for Business

Behavioral Health

DocsConnect will ensure that all our clients/organizations have better clinical, financial and operational outcomes. We also guarantee happier and healthier patient/members.
DocsConnect Behavioral Health Program Offers:

Gobal Network of Licensed Mental Health Counselors 24/7
Focus On Patient / Members Total Wellbeing
Higher Utilization With Specialty Engagement Program / Platform
Customized Programs Based On Clients / Organizations Needs
Guaranteed Money Back Guarantee If ROI/Utilization Does Not Improve
Expert Consultations Available That Distinguish What clients/Organizations Needs Are. DocsConnect Will Customize A Program That Directly Fits The Needs Of Our Clients / Organizations
Life Coaching
Trauma Counseling
Access To A Global Network Of Psychiatrist’s, Psychologist’s, Psychiatry Nurses, And Licensed Clinical Social Workers
Collaboration With Patient / Members Current Providers
Intelligence Behavioral Health Program Through Technology Platform
Case Workers Available 24/7
Life / Work Resources
Medical Advocacy
Legal / Financial Resources
Student Assistance Program

Expert Second Opinions

By offering an expert second opinion, DocsConnect’s sworld renowned specialist physicians have reduced unnecessary procedures by 42% saving complications, and millions of dollars in healthcare costs. DocsConnect is the only telemedicine company that has an exclusive partnership with AIMIS to offer these services.

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Expert Second Opinions

Proven Partnership

With our clients in mind, DocsConnect formed a relationships with some of the world’s top companies to create a collaborative program that combines each companies strengths. DocsConnect has one of the top telemedicine platform combined with a patient/member engagement platform. We have built upon and are leveraging our unique partnerships that provide our clients/organizations with the second largest global physician network. DocsConnect has mental health counselors that can cover all patients/members 24/7 on a global level.