Our program provides flexible and powerful solutions for you, whether you are a company or individual, by improving the quality and efficiency of healthcare, all while expanding your reach and saving you money. Learn more about our solutions below.

DocsConnect wishes to Welcome

Dr. Keith Ablow, M.D., as the leader over our integrated behavioral health home.

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Who is DocsConnect?

DocsConnect is the only telemedicine company providing a unique collection of exclusive healthcare services for our members that include and go beyond traditional Primary Care Consultations.

We work together with your healthcare providers to lower health care costs and improve patient outcomes with convenient and unique healthcare options.

Medical Second Opinions from world renowned physicians
24/7 Virtual Primary Care Visits with a Doctor of your choice
Innovative Diagnostic Testing
Secure and convenient access to your healthcare records
Business and Organization portal providing Healthcare Cost Analytics

Who We Serve

Organizations and Businesses

DocsConnect offers global expertise for:

  • Accountable Care Organizations
  • Primary Care & Specialty Physicians
  • Managed Service Organizations
  • Managed Care Organizations
  • Independent Physician Associations
  • Insurance Companies
  • Self-Insured Businesses

Our unique services help you to substantially reduce healthcare costs.

Docsconnect for Business

Individual Patient Program

If you are looking for effective, convenient Healthcare that fits your schedule, this is your opportunity, sign-up today. Our pricing offers you a variety of options to fit your needs.

We work together with your current physicians to optimize your healthcare.

Have you been told you need surgery? Is that surgery necessary? If so, what is the best surgical method? We offer expert second opinions from world-renowned physicians to help answer these questions.

DocsConnect values and thanks all of our Service Veterans who have served and protected our country. If you are military and are in need of our services and cannot afford to pay, please call and we will help you at no cost.

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Expert Second Opinions

By offering an expert second opinion, DocsConnect’s world renowned specialist physicians have reduced unnecessary procedures by 42% saving complications, and millions of dollars in healthcare costs. DocsConnect is the only telemedicine company that has an exclusive partnership with AIMIS to offer these services.

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Expert Second Opinions

Proven Partnership

With our clients in mind, DocsConnect formed a relationship with CareClix. CareClix has been recognized as the best telemedicine platform in the industry today. We have built upon and are leveraging the CareClix leading platform and physician network to best fit the needs of our customers.

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